Notes for short story Thank You M'am

Characters and Traits:

Roger : fourteen or fifteen, thin,
  • character trait: honest
example from the story: When Ms Jones asked him, "If I turn you loose will you run?" Roger said,"Yes".

  • character trait: feels guilty for trying to steal purse
example from the story: "Lady, I'm sorry."

  • character trait: wants to be trusted
example from the story: "The boy took care to sit away from the purse. He did not want to be mistrusted now."

Roger's conflict:
  1. Roger struggles with the kindness, care and trust that he gets from a woman he tries to rob. (Person v. Person)
  2. Roger struggles with wanting something, and choosing between right and wrong to get it. (Person v. Self)

Ms Luella Bates Washington Jones - large woman
  • character trait: strong and confident
example from the story: " She reached down and picked the boy up by the front, shook him until his teeth rattled."

  • character trait: caring; helpful
example from the story: "You ought to be my son. I would teach you right from wrong. Least I can do right now is to wash your face. Are you hungry?"

  • character trait: trusting
example from the story: " The woman did not watch to see if he would run , nor did she watch her purse."

Ms Jones' conflict:
  1. Ms Jones struggles with the act of being robbed, (person v. person) and
  2. admitting to a stranger that she also did things she wasn't proud of when she was younger. (person v. self)