Nouns:- Nouns name people, places, things and animals.
Common nouns are general (dog, school, girl); Proper nouns are specific (Fido, Wellesley Middle School, Valerie)

Pronouns: A pronoun takes the place of a noun
  • For example, Instead of "Meg went to the store," replace Meg with the pronoun she: "She went to the store"

Adjectives:- Adjectives are used to describe a noun and will mostly come before a noun in a sentence.
  • Last night there was a loud, noisy storm.

Adverbs:- An adverb describes how, when, where or why something happened. Adverbs usually end in 'ly' and add meaning to verbs.
  • The boy ran quickly. (describes how he ran)

Verbs:- Verbs describe action.
  • To run; to bike; to swim